Just some dude in a band. Greatest-Hits album comes out in 1921. I write stuff sometimes. Singing is kinda cool. Anti-War novels are my thing too I guess. I think I was a beat in my past life, but I aint a beat now. I wear regular clothes and don't shop for new ones. I think I'm changing constantly. Or not. What does Pindhurst mean? I don't like feet, but toes are cool. I have nine fingers. Oh wait, there's my other one, it's just broken. My ring finger will be broken forever unless I undergo some kind of surgery. I broke it while penny boarding down a hill near Queens College. I just fell straight on my ass, and all of the people on line at the Halal meat cart didn't do shit. Except one girl five seconds later, she said... "Are you okay?"I limped quietly and said... "uh, yeah I'll be fine." A month later I got an X-Ray, an they told me to go see a hand specialist immediately. I didn't. I completely regretting not going. I went 3 months after the fall, and the hand specialist put it in these simple words... "You're screwed." You'll notice that my glasses fall off my face too. I want contacts, but I'm scared of putting that stuff in my eyes, ya know? I've been wearing glasses ever since I was a tiny, tiny lad. Sometimes I write children's poetry, but it ends up really dark. I'm a very nice person! However, I'm a psychopath when I write. I like my life... wait a minute... exactly, what have I done? I'm gonna go play some Leauge of Legends now.


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